April 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Shastakiss (2015)

Happy Birthday Shastakiss!! :D
So, Gnoah & Flannah were upset that I didn't included any gnome & flamingo theme items in your birthday present last year. Hopefully, this gift makes up for that! ^^

3 recolors of Veranka 3t2 Classic Movie Poster. Images are from Threadless & Google.

5 recolors of the H&M Model This Banner. Featuring art by Greg Abbott, of adorable monsters eating snacks. Perfect for any grocery stores, movie theaters, or convenience stores you may have.

4t2 conversions of Budgie2budgie's candy, cracker& cookies, soup packets, & cereal boxes. All of them can be used with the quarter tile cheat & be shifted up & down if you have Apartment life. They can also be found in the Appliances/Misc. category in Buymode.

I also converted Budgie2budgie's female products from 4t2. Again they can be used with the quarter tile cheat & be shifted up & down if you have Apartment life. These can be found in Plumbing/Misc. in Buymode.

2 recolors of Veranka's 3t2 ocean adjacent painting.

4 recolors of Aikea Guinea's wall writing meshes (edited by Yuxi). And 1 recolor of Dot's neon sport painting.

1 recolor of Veranka's 3t2 bakery frosting bag.

4 recolors of Veranka's bakery awnings, both sizes.

4 yeti custard recolors of Around the Sims ice cream container & 1 recolor of Tinkle's open ice cream container. This is something I wanted to make for your birthday last year, but never got the chance to. Also, the recolor of the ATS container are very similar, except each one says a different flavor. So it's up to you if you really want to keep all 4 of them.

1 recolor of Around the Sims coffee bag.

1 recolor of Tinkle's tattoo stand.

4 sidewalk drawings on Lethes floor drawing mesh.
(Unless noted all images/art used on the objects above are from Google.)

And lastly, something other than objects... clothing!
I shoe swapped a dress by Trapping with sneakers by Smeller converted from 3t2 by Skeleton-teacup. I also edited the mapping on the dress so it would work better with patterns.

Here is a close up of the one on the end. So you can see the cute flamingo pattern & the flowers on the collar better.

Credit for patterns & textures: Google, GOS pattern challenge & Purupur

Enjoy Shasta! And I hope you had a great Birthday!! :)



  1. found this today in a tumblr post by deedee of her favourite food clutter: just wow!

  2. Can't download from Dropbox. Can you put these up on SimsFileShare instead?

    1. You should still be able to download from Dropbox. I think the problem was that my account was in active for awhile. The download button is in the top right corner. Let me know if you are still having problems. Thanks ♥